By purchasing the phone consultation reservation and by providing your phone contact for purposes of accepting the phone call from the attorney, you agree to the following terms, which limits the scope of legal services provided to you by Churchill & Wells, LLC (the attorney):

1. Attorney Consultation Acknowledgement (Phone Consultation); Limited Representation. The scope of legal services provided by the attorney is limited to legal consultation and advice regarding the matter you have chosen to describe in your electronic submission form, during one 15-minute phone call which shall be placed by the attorney to you at the phone number you provide at the time agreed upon. The legal services provided to you by the attorney are limited to the legal advice provided during the 15-minute phone consultation, and the attorney shall not be serving as your attorney in any capacity after the conclusion of the 15-minute phone consultation. The attorney is not representing you in any way in any court proceeding, negotiation, rights enforcement or other context with any other person or entity, and you may hereafter represent yourself or seek other legal counsel (not the attorney with whom you have the phone consultation) with regard to any legal consultation or representation after the phone consultation concludes. The attorney who calls you for the phone consultation will not be receiving calls or written correspondence from any legal representative of any other party on your behalf, and you agree that you shall direct any such contact to go to you directly or to the legal representative of your choice (not the attorney with whom you have the phone consultation). The money you pay to the attorney shall be earned upon receipt. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you expressly agree that attorney does not leave voicemail messages and does not leave you a return number. You must answer the call when it comes for the consultation. If you do not answer the call, or if your call is dropped during the consultation, the attorney may try again to reach you within the confirmed designated block of time, but if no connection is made in that block of time, your purchase will be treated as a reservation fee and will not be refunded.

2. Outcome Not Guaranteed and Risk of General Liability, Attorney Fee and Costs Liability to Opposing Party; Notice of Potential Requirement to Pay Rent Into Court Registry in Eviction or Possession Proceedings, or Proceedings Involving Claims for Rent Money Owed. You acknowledge that the attorney cannot guarantee any desired result in the matter for which attorney provides you advice, and that neither the attorney nor any representative of the attorney has made any guarantees whatsoever regarding the outcome of the matter about which you seek legal advice. You further acknowledge that Florida landlord-tenant legal matters may involve statutory or contractual claims which entitle the prevailing party to recover from the non-prevailing party each of the following: the principal debt obligation or money owed which has been claimed, prejudgment interest which may be controlled by a contractual interest rate or other rate as set under applicable law, attorney fees and costs, and post-judgment interest as set by applicable law on the entire judgment amount obtained, and that you may be held responsible for all of these amounts including the opposing party’s attorney fees and costs in the event that you are determined by the Court to be the non-prevailing party in any legal matter involving Florida landlord-tenant law. In lawsuits for eviction, possession or for rent-money owed governed by Florida Landlord-Tenant laws, you may be required at any time to deposit all rent that is claimed to be owed by your landlord, as well as all rent that comes due during the pendency of the lawsuit, into the court registry, and the failure to deposit that rent money into the Court registry may result in your losing the lawsuit regardless of your available defenses to eviction or to owing the money as claimed. It is your responsibility to make rent deposits into the Court registry as required by the Court in any lawsuit for eviction, possession or for rent-money owed governed by Florida Landlord-Tenant laws.

3. Non-waiver Provisions. There is to be no waiver, change, or modification of this agreement, unless the same is in writing and signed by the attorney and by you.

4. No Oral Agreements. You agree that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the attorney and that you are not relying on any oral representations that have not been included herein. Further, any modification to this agreement shall be made by a written document signed by attorney and by you.

5. You agree that any suit, action, or proceeding with regard to this agreement or with regard to the relationship of the attorney and you or the services provided by the attorney to you, venue of such action shall be in Leon County, Florida, and any action or proceeding regarding those matters filed in any forum or court not located with in Leon County Florida shall be subject to immediate dismissal.